Hello lovely readers and welcome to my blog of random thoughts on love, life and happiness. 

Welcome, guys

Our world is in constant flux but I whole-heartedly believe the way through is compassion and understanding. My frontline is creativity where I hope, whether it’s here in this blog, with my podcast, Creative Sauce, or in my novel, Asking For A Friend, I can make a difference. Even if it’s just making you laugh, lightening the load or sharing new ideas, my goal is simple – to leave you in a better place than before. Enjoy the blog and please feel free to share your thoughts and comments. 

Happy reading,  

Andi xxx 

16 thoughts on “Welcome!

  • My wife and I have just watched being introduced by Alan Carr on Live at the Apollo… What a great performance you gave! We laughed so much – thank you.
    I’ve no idea how we’ve missed you over the years but now we’ve found you we just want to say:
    Keep up your writing and performing. Stay safe xxx
    Rich and Sue

    • Hey Richard, thanks so much for your message. A little snafu at this end means I’ve only just seen it but it’s no less appreciated. Hope you’re having a great Christmas! Andi x

  • I had lost track of my favourite comedian amongst the angst of the last 6 months and I am so pleased to find you writing your blog again. I hope you and yours are thriving?
    Miss your stand-up, compensating by exhausting old downloads of Apollo appearances. Eagerly await the book and post-covid news.
    Stay well, safe and positive.

    • Ah thanks for finding me Nigel and glad you enjoyed the Apollo archive! Books and more coming soon! x

  • . . . viewing you in repeats on Dave my amour returned -except that there were less of the rear views that I so admire of you. (I am one of the older men you tend to despise.) I wanted less of the sexual jokes -except what man wouldn’t love to struggle through the undergrowth on a long term basis?)

    This morning, till now always viewing you as a mid-twenties sweetie I discover you’re two decades older! It’s partly that lithe (leonine?) figure which confuses . . . it’s great.

    Immediately I hoped you could be a very vocal advocate against FGM? Even women don’t realise the magic of the pudenda. Men just have dicks -which they regard as superior and ejaculation men’s magic. By contrast the woman’s sexual organs extend from her labia to a vast network across her body -for example her nipples harden etc as she thinks of or real arousal occurs -quite apart from moistening. (MMMmm) Yes, men only have hards-ons. Admittedly useless!

    The vile FGM practice is mostly African and apart from being tribal is designed to stop women being randy -which they are far more than men says Science. I’d always hoped the Duchess of Sussex could take up the cudgel -although better and richer, Opra Winfrey if only she would take the Baton!

    • Thanks Peter. Sorry for the late response but I’ve figured out why I haven’t been seeing comments.

  • Just saw you on live at the Apollo on Dave. It was dated 2013. You were the funniest comedian I have seen for ages. Why have I not seen you on TV in the time since then? BBC seems to favour 1 or 2 people. I would love to see you live but obviously can’t till covid gets sorted.

    • Thanks Steve. Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve done stand up. I’m focused on a few other projects but if you’re a reading man, I’ve a book out soon and lots of other fun things coming up next year. x

  • Hi Andi,

    Please get blogging again!

    Really enjoy your wit and insight and would love to see posts from you weekly at the very least.

    • Thanks Bob. I’d love to blog more but fortnightly is about all I can manage at the moment! Thanks for reading though x

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