Hello lovely readers and welcome to my shiny new blog. It’s been a while since I’ve done this. Some of you may remember my previous blog where I’d post about a whole range of subjects from decluttering to relationships (which can sometimes be the same thing), toxic friends and make up tips. It struck me, as we began to experience this strange new normal brought about by the COVID19 pandemic, that it might be time to restart them. 

Welcome, guys

At the time of writing, mass protests all around the world following the death of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers have gripped our attention. People have taken to the streets to say enough is enough when it comes to racial inequality and injustice. 

Of course, these issues are not new but the narrative around it is beginning to shift as we speak more about collective responsibility on a topic people of colour have felt they’ve had to deal with alone. 

It’s been tough, watching this play out. Heart-breaking truths about the black experience in the UK, US and around the world are being laid bare. BUT, as hopeless as it can feel at times, the level of activism and engagement is an indication we’re moving in the right direction. People are asking themselves, how am I culpable? And how can I make a difference? 

This alone, is a monumental shift and one I fully encourage. It points towards the good in people, the good in all of us that want to come together and work towards making the world a better place. 

It’s all hands on deck. As a writer, for me the frontline is at my computer, so here I am, hoping to lighten the load, share some ideas, thoughts and commentary to help move us towards that better place. The blog will be a mixture of new and old posts which I’m  resharing here for you to enjoy. 

Whatever brings you to this page, I hope it provides a little light relief, food for thought or ideas and inspiration to carry you through your week. 

With love, 


11 thoughts on “Welcome!

  • My wife and I have just watched being introduced by Alan Carr on Live at the Apollo… What a great performance you gave! We laughed so much – thank you.
    I’ve no idea how we’ve missed you over the years but now we’ve found you we just want to say:
    Keep up your writing and performing. Stay safe xxx
    Rich and Sue

    • Hey Richard, thanks so much for your message. A little snafu at this end means I’ve only just seen it but it’s no less appreciated. Hope you’re having a great Christmas! Andi x

  • I had lost track of my favourite comedian amongst the angst of the last 6 months and I am so pleased to find you writing your blog again. I hope you and yours are thriving?
    Miss your stand-up, compensating by exhausting old downloads of Apollo appearances. Eagerly await the book and post-covid news.
    Stay well, safe and positive.

  • . . . viewing you in repeats on Dave my amour returned -except that there were less of the rear views that I so admire of you. (I am one of the older men you tend to despise.) I wanted less of the sexual jokes -except what man wouldn’t love to struggle through the undergrowth on a long term basis?)

    This morning, till now always viewing you as a mid-twenties sweetie I discover you’re two decades older! It’s partly that lithe (leonine?) figure which confuses . . . it’s great.

    Immediately I hoped you could be a very vocal advocate against FGM? Even women don’t realise the magic of the pudenda. Men just have dicks -which they regard as superior and ejaculation men’s magic. By contrast the woman’s sexual organs extend from her labia to a vast network across her body -for example her nipples harden etc as she thinks of or real arousal occurs -quite apart from moistening. (MMMmm) Yes, men only have hards-ons. Admittedly useless!

    The vile FGM practice is mostly African and apart from being tribal is designed to stop women being randy -which they are far more than men says Science. I’d always hoped the Duchess of Sussex could take up the cudgel -although better and richer, Opra Winfrey if only she would take the Baton!

  • Just saw you on live at the Apollo on Dave. It was dated 2013. You were the funniest comedian I have seen for ages. Why have I not seen you on TV in the time since then? BBC seems to favour 1 or 2 people. I would love to see you live but obviously can’t till covid gets sorted.

    • Thanks Steve. Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve done stand up. I’m focused on a few other projects but if you’re a reading man, I’ve a book out soon and lots of other fun things coming up next year. x

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