Cats Rule

First published August 2012

It is loooovely being back filming again, but you know what makes this job literally the best? There’s a kitten in the make-up area that I get to cuddle up with pretty much every day. 

He’s at the age where he wears himself out after thirty minutes of play and it is adorable. I can feel myself relax whenever I’m with him – except when he’s tugging at my hair and using my jumper as a climbing frame. 

I’m away from the neighbourhood tabby I usually hang out with, so it’s nice to get some feline fun even though I’m miles from home. 

Pets are just so good for our well-being – to the point where some hospitals even use them to provide therapy. And we all know, time with a beloved pet, definitely lightens our mood and lowers our heart rate. 

When it comes to cats vs dogs, lots of folks have a preference. I do love dogs but they don’t half whiff and the whole picking up poo thing, it makes it hard for me to love you, Fido! 

That’s why I love cats. They rule and they know it. These self-contained, self-cleaning bundles of fluff look at us, arguably the top species, like we’re idiots. However, despite their poise and grace they still do the most brilliantly daft things. 

I had a cat once called Frank (Full name was Frank Butcher. Don’t @ me). He had many endearing traits. One was drinking from any dripping tap he could precariously balance near enough to. Whenever caught, he’d innocently look at us like, “Is this not cool?”

One night, I saw him absolutely transfixed by the TV. I looked over and it was a wildlife show about big cats. He didn’t move for the entire hour – like he was thinking, “My people are trapped in the talking picture box. I must free them’. 

And now I’ve been part-adopted by this neighbourhood tabby (I call him Pumpkin – I have no idea why) who acts like he’s smart but then I catch him just staring at blank walls. Why, mate? 

See, as clever as cats may think they are, every now and then, we catch them doing nutty things and realise, ‘Yep, you’re an idiot too’. Perhaps that balance between cool poise and idiocy, is another reason we love them. 

In these challenging times where many people have been away from loved ones for extended periods, pets, are more important than ever. But it’s also important to give serious thought to getting a pet, especially in lockdown. You may have a surplus of time now, but remember, that responsibility carries over into when so-called normal life resumes. A pet isn’t just for lockdown, after all. 

But whether you get a new addition to the family or have a fluffy friend who’s been by your side for years, here’s to those fabulous four legged legends that bring us so much joy, laughter and loads and loads of love. 

(Why are the tops of cats heads so damn cute? I can’t handle it)

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