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Andi Osho Live at The Apollo

Actress, comedian, writer and shoe lover, Andi Osho has been performing since 2003 when she strode the boards in her stage debut, What Happened Last Night? Though not formally recognised as a classic (it was dire) Osho made the most of this gay rape pantomime and went from strength to strength, pursuing her acting dream, going on to appear in a plethora of UK soaps, dramas and comedy – totally nailing the portrayal of characters who work in the emergency services. This included a police officer in Waking The Dead, A doctor in Footballer’s Wives and four appearances in Eastenders as a nurse (a different one each time, which technically makes her a qualified medical practitioner).

In 2007, Andi turned her hand (well her brain and her mouth) to stand up comedy winning a raft of awards, appearing on top stand up comedy shows, many of which involved having the name of the show in very bright lights behind her head. This did not distract her from the job at hand though and she turned in memorable performances on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Stand Up For The Week and Live At The Apollo (which not only included bright lights, but dry ice too).

If this weren’t enough of an achievement (for Andi, the ’I’ve made it’ moment came as she coughed her way through the Live at The Apollo dry ice but whatever), Andi also won not one, but two Mastermind crowns when she chose The Matrix Trilogy and then host John Humphrys as her specialist subjects (luckily the Radio 4 stalwart and political commentator had a sense of humour about it or that could have been a very awkward 30 minutes of television).

Andi is now well established as a regular contributor on TV and Radio as well as her continued live work on the stand up circuit including three live solo stand up tours.

Andi’s favourite things include shoes, her mum and cats. Not in that order… actually a little bit in that order.

Television credits include:

  • Last Call with Carson Daly
  • The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS)
  • Room 101 (BBC2)
  • Live at The Apollo – 2 appearances (BBC1)
  • Dara O’Briain’s School of Hard Sums (Dave)
  • Don’t Sit In The Front Row (Sky)
  • Morgan Spurlock’s New Britania (Sky Atlantic)
  • Set List (The Nerdist Channel)
  • Stand Up For The Week (series 1 and 2) Ch4
  • Short History of Everything Else (Ch4)
  • Ch4 Comedy Gala for Great Ormond Street Hospital (Ch4)
  • Let’s Dance for Comic Relief (BBC1)
  • Stand Up For Comic Relief (BBC3)
  • Mastermind (Children in Need) BBC2
  • Celebrity Mastermind (BBC2)
  • Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (BBC1)
  • Mock The Week (BBC1)
  • Nevermind The Buzzcocks (BBC2)
  • Comedy Rocks (ITV1)
  • 50 Greatest Comedians (Ch4)
  • Brit List (BBC America)
  • Best of British Stand Up at Just For Laughs (BBC America)
  • Alexander Armstrong’s Big Ask (Dave)
  • Ask Rhod Gilbert (BBC1)
  • Frank Skinner’s Opinionated (BBC2)
  • Dave’s One Night Stand (Dave)
  • My Favourite Joke (BBC1)
  • The Apprentice: You’re Fired (BBC2)
  • So This Is Christmas (Ch4)
  • Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets (Ch4)
  • 100 Greatest Toys (ch4)
  • Best of I’m a Celebrity 9ITV2)
  • Imagine: The Art Of Stand uP (BBC1)
  • The Wright Stuff (Ch5)
  • Under Pressure (ITV2)
  • Edinburgh Comedy: Live (BBC3)
  • The Culture Show – 2 appearances (BBC2)
  • This Morning (ITV1)
  • This Week (BBC2)
  • Tonightly (Ch4)
  • The Andi O Show (E4)
  • The Comedy Store Live (Comedy Central)
  • The World Stands Up (Comedy Central)
  • Alan Titchmarsh Show  (ITV1)
  • Most Annoying People of 2007/ 08/ 09 (BBC3)
  • Russell Brand And Friends (Ch4)
  • The Blame Game (BBC.N.I)
  • 50 Funniest Moments of 2010 (ch4)
  • BBLB (E4)
  • BBBM (E4)

Screen acting credits include:

  • Finding Carter (MTV)
  • Holby City (BBC1)
  • Life of Riley (BBC1)
  • Psychoville: Hallowe’en Special (BBC1)
  • Paradox (BBC1)
  • Ladies of Letters (ITV4)
  • Breaking Hollywood (Webseries)
  • Big Top (BBC1)
  • Footballers’ Wives (ITV)
  • Casualty (BBC1)
  • Eastenders (BBC1)
  • Doctors (BBC1)
  • Lewis (ITV1)
  • U Be Dead (ITV1)
  • Sea of Souls (BBC1)
  • Waking The Dead (BBC1)
  • Ain’t It Funny Being Coloured – Comedy Lab (Ch4)
  • Swinging with The Finkels (Feature)

Radio credits include:

  • The Manuscript (Absolute)
  • What’s So Funny? (BBCR4)
  • Act Your Age (BBCR4)
  • Comedy Club (host) (BBCR4Extra)
  • Black History Month: Comedy Night (BBCR2)
  • A Good Read (BBCR4)
  • An Audience With Ed Reardon (BBCR4)
  • Hot Gossip (BBCR2)
  • The Now Show (BBCR4)
  • The Vote Now Show (BBCR4)
  • Swots (BBCScot)
  • Trussed (BBCR4)
  • NewsJack (series 1 and 2) (BBCR7)
  • Power Failure (BBC:WS)
  • The Bullman Story (BBC:WS)
  • The Proposition (BBC:WS)

Theatre credits

  • Fall of New Labour (Arts Theatre)
  • Yellowman (Touring Production)
  • Breakfast With Mugabe (Theatre Royal, Bath – Ustinov)
  • Who Killed Mr Drum? (Riverside Studio)
  • Medea (Baron’s Court Theatre)

Live Stand Up shows

  • All The Single Ladies – Edinburgh Festival 2011 (2011 UK Tour, 2012 UK Tour)
  • Afroblighty – Edinburgh Festival 2010 (2011 UK Tour)
  • Winner- Best TV Comedy Performance – Screen Nation 2011
  • Winner – Best Female Comedian – Loaded LAFTA Awards
  • Winner – Funny Women Award – 2007
  • Runner Up- Hackney Empire New Act Of The Year 2008
  • Finalist – Leicester Mercury New Act of The Year 2008
  • Finalist – Amused Moose Laugh Off
  • Finalist – Laughing Horse New Act of the Year -2007
  • Semi Finalist – So You Think You’re Funny 2007

With this many gags and Osho’s trademark high-wattage good cheer radiating from the stage, the show adds up to a reliably enjoyable hour. GUARDIAN

Osho is so adept at conducting the laughter of recognition, she might as well be waving a baton. GUARDIAN

Winner – Best Female Comedian Loaded LAFTA Awards

Critics Choice The Times

Perfect delivery The Guardian

Hilarious The Sun

Blazing a trail The Telegraph

A sharp mind and a wonderfully comfortable stage manner The Scotsman

Heart and wit chimes with her upbeat charisma and expressive delivery Chortle

An impressive show. Go. The Independent

Why aren’t you touring where I live?

I want to, don’t get me wrong but I don’t pick the venues, that’s down to the lovely people that promote my tour, but if you do travel to your nearest show, I promise to make it well worth your while without breaching personal space boundaries.

Why are there so few females in comedy?

If I received £0.01 for every time I’m asked that I could buy Fiji for cash. Fewer women go into and stay in comedy. The ones that do stick it out are excellent and anyone that thinks being a woman, in some way precludes you from being funny should be tasered to unconsciousness (which hopefully takes a really long time but would make an excellent youtube clip). Grow the fuck up, this is 2012 (or whatever year you’re reading this in)

What is Michael McIntyre/ Frankie Boyle/ Dara O’Briain like?

Human beings. Really, all of them have been terrible nice to me.

Will you follow me?

You seem nice, but probably not. I have a strict twitter policy however if you find yourself marrying into my family, you’ll find me all over your shizzle

What’s Mock The Week like?

Firstly note, It’s Called Mock The Week, not Mock of The Week as I’ve heard people call it. If someone you know says that, correct them. Mock of the week doesn’t even make sense. It’s like saying House of the Commons.

But to the point, Mock The Week, is a tough gig because there’s seven comedians trying to get their best gags into a show that will edit down to about 27 minutes. That’s (reaches for calculator) 3.8 minutes each. It is competitive and certainly its male-dominated but it’s not the testosterone-fuelled talk over the female guest-athon people think it is. Everyone’s trying their best and that’s what makes the show so good.

What’s next for you?

Who knows what will come. I’d definitely like to do more acting, more live stand up and loads more writing… and I must fulfil my commitment to own every pair of decent, moderately priced high heels that have ever been created.

Please tweet me anymore questions you must have an answer to.